• Bridget Hassall

Auckland Brand Photographer logo design

Using keywords and phrases picked from the brief such as fun, supportive, gender neutral and creative plus some universal photography values such as focus, aperture and capture, I created a contemporary logo largely inspired by framing devices; literal slices of a wide open aperture, framing the clean typography in a way reminiscent of hands framing a view.

It feels assuring. Owner, Jana Greissner, really wanted to communicate that ‘you’re in safe hands’ as most people struggle to feel relaxed and comfortable in front of a camera.

The typography was a small challenge, as it's not a short company name! It was too long to have on one line, and stacked, the word lengths weren't visually harmonious either, so this jaunty composition perfectly complemented the position of the 'apertures', keeping the word BRAND central, and resulting in a striking and unique appeal with a punchy colour.

The graphic elements give us a lot to play with across the branding, building upon the aperture idea.

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