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With me as your creative sidekick, your business will benefit from contact with one person, tuned into the details of your brand, providing professional & considered graphic design AS AND WHEN you need it.

For companies who have ongoing graphic design needs, but lack the budget for an agency or have too little work to necessitate employing someone full time, I'm your solution - in it for the long haul as a creative partner with the sole ambition to add value to your business.

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Case Study

(Confidential) CLIENT X

A full time senior graphic designer will cost a business circa $85k per year, in addition to hardware, software costs etc.

My yearly design charge to Client X:

2019 $29k
2020 $39k
2021 $31k

This meets the entirety of their design requirements each year for 2 major café brands including 50 cafés, 
in addition to local area marketing design for all franchisees. I deal directly with the Marketing Manager almost daily.

“Bridget has consistently produced great bespoke creative for our national and local campaigns, keeping things fresh and exciting for our customer while still staying true to our brand.”

- Marketing Manager, Client X


Beachlands, Auckland